Abstract Submission For Prebic Global Workshop

Abstract Submission deadline - January 10, 2020

What is an Abstract?
An abstract is a short, concise summary of your research used to represent yourself and your work to your colleagues and peers. The purpose is to allow the reader to quickly identify the relevance or significance of the research, methods used to complete the research, and the results and conclusions of the research.

For PREBIC Africa, please include a statement (not considered in word limit below) on why you’d like to attend PREBIC and how your goals are aligned/could align with the PREBIC mission.
Suggested Abstract Structure
Please use a structured approach for your abstract – title, introduction, methods, results, and conclusions.
Keep it short, and make sure it appropriately describes the research being presented. AFFILIATIONS of the Authors
The introduction should describe the scientific gap or problem, why it concerns the reader, and the hypothesis made. The experiments described must test the hypothesis presented.
This should be a clear, concise description of the research design and the appropriate statistical tests. Describe what was actually done to get results, including numbers of patients, animals, samples, etc., which data were collected, and how it was quantified. Support your description with tables and figures, where appropriate.
Present the actual data collected together with statistical significance. Describe what was learned as a result of the study. Statements from ongoing studies that “data will be presented” are not acceptable.
Analyze your results, and the effect it has on the hypothesis made in the introduction. Make sure it supported by data in the abstract, and that it is not overly speculative or broad.
The abstract should be no more than 300 words total (not including affiliations)
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