Letters from President - Jan 14, 2022

January  14,  2022
Dear Colleagues,
Please accept my kindest regards and thanks in the NEW YEAR!
As the world is still reeling from COVID-19, I greatly admire and appreciate your continued commitment to the cause of preterm birth. Your efforts are strongly in line with the emergent global focus on maternal morbidity/mortality.
I have for you a brief update:
  • As the Board saw the potential for another round of the COVID pandemic, the Board has decided to not hold an in-person PREBIC GLOBAL meeting this year.  We will instead hold a virtual meeting.
  • However, all PREBIC Branches are encouraged to hold local meetings and webinars throughout the year.
  • Branch Directors are now part of the PREBIC GLOBAL Board. This we feel will enhance the flow of ideas, productivity and efficacy of the PREBIC Branches.
  • We have welcomed Tom McElrath, Harvard as an At-Large member of the Board and are planning an additional member in the coming year.
  • Working groups are encouraged to have on-line meetings and to also sponsor webinars. Working group leaders are strongly encouraged to work with their Board Liaisons who will provide advice and support.
  • Both Branches and working groups are encouraged to provide content for our Website.
  • PREBIC will again host a satellite meeting at the SRI. We hope you will join.
  • Ramkumar Menon continues as our Executive Director.  He is advised by an Executive council.
I hope you all can draw strength from your good work. 
Be well, Be grateful, and Be Blessed

Elizabeth A Bonney, MD, MPH,

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